Research projects

Progetti di ricercaResearch and training projects which have been developed in the cultural heritage industry.

Creating synergies and enhance skills expressed by the members with researchers and lab technicians experts, PSTS has completed interesting research projects and training in the cultural heritage sphere.
Distinguishing factors have proved to be, the high professionalism and wide operator's experience, which were trained in academic environments and in specific structures on hands on research in high-tech facilities which provide a scientific and risolutive methodology approach.
In the below section, you can find the projects - research and training, finished in the past five years.


The mortars and plasters in historical buildings and monuments of Sicily:
compositional characterization and research on new restoration products, compatible with regional stone supports.

knowledge of the mortar in traditional Sicilian building
new restoration products (mortar) stone-compatible medias
tests and research projects results diffusion, data and know-how

Development of a prototype computer system for the resoult diffusion and the sale of services (in collaboration with IBM)
Establishment of a lab dealing with fresh and hardened mortar in an SME operating in the trade.
Definition of 40 new products for the assistance in archaeological areas and historical city centers.



Technological development in the field of pottery and restoration

The objective of the project is the definition of real processes of technological innovation for small businesses in the ceramics sector. Within this overall objective the project has made the transfer to users of the following products

 Knowledge of local raw materials, study of ancient pottery traditions, modern business management techniques, marketing, advanced information technology. Experimental approach to the problems associated with the production of ceramics, on both crafted and semi-industrial scale, through the use of lab techniques for the chemical, physical and mineralogical-petrographic raw material resistance tests of materials, cooking methods and more.


Development of innovative integrated assets for preservation recovery operators, enhancement and use of cultural heritage.

The project aims to develop new assets that can considerably enhance the current range of analytical services, both consulting and design, in the field of Cultural Heritage.

Development of new methods to define The origin of materials (calcarenites and terracotta)
The handling methods of materials (calcarenites and terracotta)for conservation and restoration
Expert advice in support of companies and sites.
training courses planification in the scientific and / or historical-cultural fields.
Diffusion of activities related to cultural heritage through the application of innovative technologies for three-dimensional scanning and rapid prototyping.