1. Iknow the Italy-Malta project an opportunity to set up development and business by encouraging the creation and strengthening of SMEs

    Launched the Interreg VA Italia -Malta cooperation project, financed by the European Regional Development Fund, IKNOW, acronym for Interregional Key Networking for Open Innovation Empowerment, aimed at setting up a permanent hub to encourage the creation and strengthening of SMEs (micro, small and medium), to reach  faster the markets and increase the competitive performance


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  2. Giornata di studio sul trattamento dei rifiuti: stato dell’arte e innovazione - Palermo, 30 gennaio 2017

    Palermo, 30 gennaio 2017 Scuola Politecnica, Sala Capitò, viale delle scienze, edificio 7

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  3. Med Technopolis fouth meeting taking place in Catania

    The 4° meeting of Technopolis, a Med Program financed project, is taking place today at Science and Technology Park of Sicily site. The partners of the project attending the meeting are: Tecnologic Park of Andalucia, Faro Municipality, Apredin Association, Association of Young Enterpreuners of Portugal, Algarve University (Portugal), Toulon Var Technologies (France), Sciente e Technology Park of Sicily, Umbria Region Government, SviluppUmbria (Italy).  The project promotes the knowledge economy and innovation in the Mediterranean Area less developped helping the social and economic growth in these areas, using the Technological Interface Structures. The Meeting will continue tomorrow (second and last day). 

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  4. PST Sicilia -Presentation of Workshops

    Thanks to the actions PSTSicilia managed to have its own specialized laboratories in various fields.

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  5. PST Sicilia -Smart bag Shanghai Expo 2010

    PTS Sicily presents at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the smart bag, helpful for wet domestic waste collection.
    The smart bag has been created with 100% biodegradable paper , but fully waterproof, thanks to the treatment with the PHA polymer produced in the PST labs in Sicily.

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  6. Sicily PST - futuristic plants for the production of biodegradable biopolymers - Expo 2010 Shanghai

    Piante trasformate in bioreattori per abbattere i costi di prpduzione del PMA il polimero biodegradabile per il trattamento del sacchetto intelligente.

    Plants have been transformed in bioreactors to reduce PMA (the biodegradable polymer for the treatment of the bag) production costs.

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